Five excellent reasons to consider van leasing

By Autograph Contracts - 2015-10-14

If you run a business whereby your van plays an important role, you'll obviously want to give great consideration to how you go about getting hold of one. There are two options to consider in this regard; buying outright or to lease a van.

And with excellent rates available to businesses, leasing's certainly an option on the rise in terms of popularity. When you first start shopping for your next van you'll probably think there are too many options. 

With loads of sellers fighting for your attention, how can you possibly determine the good from the bad? The used market is always perilous because of the significant risk factor. What guarantee do you have that any van won't break down and put you out of business for a few days shortly after buying? However, before taking a look at the excellent reasons to lease, let's first determine the difference between those buying and leasing. 

Buying outright 

When buying a van, the vehicle's now yours. Of course, you can pay all the money up front, arrange a suitable loan, or even stagger payments with the dealership. 

Van Leasing 

With a leasing contract, you won't own the van and instead are theoretically renting. You'll pay a monthly fee for a period of years; and in most situations, this is a much cheaper option.

Why choose a van leasing contract?

Van leasing has certainly grown in popularity. Why? Simply because you'll only have to put down a small deposit and then keep up with monthly payments. You won't have to pay off the full cost of the vehicle, instead only worrying about the depreciation value. There are five principle reasons to lease your next van: 

 1. Leasing is cheaper than buying 

If you haven't the funds in place to buy a van outright, you'll need to take out a loan or arrange repayments with the dealer. This will be more expensive than embarking on a leasing contract and you'll lose money on the van the moment it's driven off the forecourt. 

2. Maintenance costs are often covered 

In many leasing agreements, your maintenance will be included. If required, you can also select certain maintenance as part of your contract, such as new tyres. This will save you needing to spend a large whack all in one go. 

 3. MOTs will likely be included 

As many lease vans are new vehicles, you won't have to worry about servicing for the first three years. On top of this, MOTs will be included as part of the contract, so that'll save you a few quid each year too. 

4. You'll have a new van every few years 

Fed up of driving around an old and tired van? This no longer has to be the case and with leasing, you'll be able to upgrade your vehicle every two to four years. Your business will maintain a professional approach and you'll have a lot more fun on those lengthy commutes.

5. You can choose the particulars 

With van leasing you choose the specifications. This can be the length of time in which the contract runs for, the agreed annual mileage and any extras included as part of the deal. Remember to calculate the mileage you undertake accurately, as there can be fines for exceeding a pre-agreed limit. Whilst buying your next van may give you a little more freedom, leasing certainly offers more security, whilst also being the cheaper option. Why not take a look at the superb van leasing deals available on Autograph Contracts today and take one step closer to leasing your next van. To view our van leasing deals, click here.