Luxury Lease Cars To Look Out For In Late 2015/ Early 2016

By Autograph Contracts - 2015-10-05

Luxury Lease Cars To Look Out For In Late 2015/ Early 2016

With automotive manufacturers continuing to push the boundaries of speed, handling capabilities and innovative in-car technologies, there are several new vehicle releases planned for late 2015 and throughout 2016 to revolutionise the concept of the modern day motorist. Regardless of whether you have been considering investing in a personal or business lease deal, listed below are some of the most highly anticipated vehicles of 2015/2016 in which you may wish to consider investing. 

1 - Jaguar XF

Due for commercial release in September/October 2015, the Jaguar XF is a larger, upgraded version of the successful Jaguar XE model. Although the XF has retained many of the same chassis components as the XE model and some similar styling characteristics, this new and improved luxury business saloon will feature a multitude of enhanced technological features. For instance, the XF will come equipped with a 10.2 inch touch screen "In Control Touch Pro" infotainment system. This will utilise a quad-core processor and ultra-fast Ethernet network, with laser head-up display to facilitate effortless satellite navigation, music streaming and instant messaging capabilities.

In addition to adaptive cruise control, LED headlights, autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping and lane departure warning systems, the Jaguar XF will also be fitted with a choice of efficient engines. Amongst these options will include a 161bhp, 2.0-litre diesel engine that will emit just 104g/km of CO2 emissions. Thus, the Jaguar XF will have the lowest emitting engine in its class for any non-hybrid vehicle. 

2 - Mini Clubman 

Expected to go on sale at the end of October 2015, the upgraded version of the existing Mini Clubman model has been hailed as the longest and widest vehicle that Mini has ever developed. Although the Mini Countryman SUV is taller in stature, the new Mini Clubman concept vehicle is reported to be 9cm longer, 5cm wider and will feature a pair of full-sized rear passenger doors, as opposed to the half-sized editions that feature on current Mini Clubman models. Furthermore, this modified Mini Clubman will also boast three back seats, a larger chassis, a wide chromed grille, elliptical headlights and polished chrome 19-inch alloys. 

3 - Volvo S90 

Based upon the same chassis components as the previous Volvo XC90 model, the new Volvo S90 will be commercially released within the UK in late 2015. According to press reports from Volvo's developers, the new S90 model will feature a wide range of forward-thinking in-car technologies; including a dashboard with an intuitive touch screen activated control panel. 

4 - Mercedes-Maybach S600 

With UK deliveries expected to take place in June 2016, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 signifies the return of the Maybach name two years after it was pulled by Mercedes-Benz. To celebrate this automotive comeback, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 will serve as a super luxury upgrade of previous Mercedes S-class models and will be fitted with a formidable twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine that has been produced at AMG.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 will also be adorned with a plethora of opulent interior design features including leather, wood and stitching options as standard. There will also be heated and massaging seats, a system that will circulate scented, ionised air around the cabin and a 3D surround sound system with 24 speakers. 

5 - BMW 7 Series 

Due for release in late 2015, the new BMW 7 Series model will be fitted with a range of technological proficient devices including an upgraded version of BMW's renowned iDrive infotainment controller. 

Other perks include four zone air-conditioning, a 10 inch infotainment system with touch screen capabilities, an efficient interior heating system, inductive mobile phone charging and even a new parking sensor system to park your vehicle without you even needing to be seated behind the wheel. What more could you want?