First look at the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

By Autograph Contracts - 2017-11-03

Update: You can view our Eclipse Cross Leasing rates here

In recent years the small to mid-sized SUV market has been rapidly expanding with exciting new SUV models being announced left, right & center such as the recently announced Volvo XC40. Joining the leagues in the mid-sized SUV market is Mitsubishi Motors brand new Eclipse Cross. This new model from Mitsubishi features some serious spec & innovative technology. Lets get started.

Mitsubishi claims the three core areas of focus for this exciting new model are:

- A brand new aspiring design, both inside and out.

- Outstanding driving dynamics

- Advanced technology, featuring Mitsubishis latest innovations.

Key Specifications:

Head-Up Display:

Perfectly positioned within your line of sight, the Eclipse Cross features an all-new heads-up display. This nifty little display features information such as your speed and various safety warnings. It is a multi-angle full-colour display can gently fold away to fit out of sight within the area of the dashboard. 

Smartphone Display Audio (SDA): 

Compatible with both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, the Smart Phone Display Audio (SDA) is a technology that provides better interaction between mobile devices and the Eclipse Cross. This means once connected to your smartphone, your vehicles mapping and information about current traffic will always remain up to date. Also featured in this vehicle is a new touch-pad controller that is within arms reach that allows you to control the SDA unit. Smartphone Display Audio will come as standard, featured in all Eclipse Cross models.

Latest Generation CVT Automatic:

With the feeling of a traditional automatic and featuring the latest benefits of CVT technology, the Eclipse Cross has an all-new CVT automatic transmission using an 8-step mode and manual override controlled by paddle shifters located behind the vehicles steering wheel.

The Engine: 

A brand new intercooled 1.5 Litre turbocharged petrol engine powers this mid-sized SUV, generating a pretty remarkable 163ps. The combined MPG of the Eclipse cross averages at around 42.2 with the 1.5 petrol auto model with a C02 g/km of 154.

We are looking forward to this model reaching the UK in January 2018. The thing that excites us the most is it starting list price of £20,720. This vehicle from Mitsubishi will represent serious value for money. We will soon be announcing our lease rental pricing for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross here.

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