Can I get a car lease with bad credit?

By Autograph Contracts - 2015-08-10

Bad Credit Leasing

Credit checks will form the basis of many loans you want to take out, and whether these will be approved or rejected. Therefore, it's always important to ensure your credit history reads well, rather than having a long list of missed payments. When it comes to car leasing, this is going to play an important role in whether you're accepted too. That said, there are opportunities for bad credit car leasing even if your history isn't all too appealing.

At Autograph Contracts we will perform a credit check to find out if you're eligible, but what does the full report include?

What is included in a credit score report?

The credit report is scored between 1 and 1,000 and the higher your individual score, the better your credit. Some car leasing companies will determine if you're accepted by this alone. Essentially, the report will highlight how good you have been in the past with money and indicate if you'd be able to make the required repayments for a car lease. Among other things, your credit report will include:  

How important is a credit check?

In general, you'll probably know how good or bad your credit report is. You'll know how well you handle money and can control spending to stick to a budget. You'll also be aware of times when you've missed a payment, been rejected a loan in the past and how many credit cards you have to access you. A credit report is simply giving this information to Autograph Contracts, so we have peace of mind you can afford the repayments. After all, what business plan could survive handing out cars to all who come knocking? Most loans and car leases will, therefore, be decided upon the credit report. There are many instances when bad credit car leasing is accepted too, so you shouldn't expect to be declined.

Autograph Contracts will want to know:  

Do I need a credit check for a car lease?

As mentioned above, Autograph Contracts will base their decision primarily on your credit check, as will any other car leasing company. Without carrying out this check, there's no real way of knowing your history and how reliable you are. For that reason, before a leasing deal can be approved, a credit check will be completed. The only difference is what Autograph Contracts choose to look at on your credit history. For instance, we may choose to ignore some parts of your history and instead focus on one or two key elements. Another leasing firm may want more security and take all aspects of the check into accounts. The only way to truly find out if you're eligible for car leasing is to apply today. If you have bad credit, you can also consider ways of improving this before applying with Autograph Leasing.