Leasing Contract Options

Rather than purchasing your next vehicle and wasting thousands of pounds in depreciation value, there’s a better way to drive a new car, and that is leasing.

What’s more, there are a range of brilliant options to consider if you want to lease your next vehicle. At Autograph Contracts, we source the very best leasing deals on the market for both cars and vans. We’re able to offer competitive prices on a brilliant lease, so find out more about the choices available today. 

Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire agreements allow you to lease a vehicle for business purposes and receive up to a 100% reduction in VAT. This, of course, allows you to save a significant amount on your leasing contract.

As with a personal contract, you’ll also be able to set the mileage and include the extra costs such as road tax and servicing. Plus, as the vehicle’s new – You won’t have to worry about MOTs.

When arranging your business deal, you’ll be asked to make an initial deposit of between three to six months, before paying regular instalments over the contract’s length. This could be anywhere between 24 and 60 months.

For more information on business contract hire and leasing, simply visit our designated page.

Personal Contract Hire

With this option, you have a personal rather than business contract. It’s a superb leasing option as you can choose any model that takes your fancy, agree a set mileage and term of the contract and simply return the vehicle at the end.

This flexible leasing option ensures you can drive a brand new car every few years. What’s more, you can choose an initial down payment between three and six months, before making your regular monthly instalments.

If you’re looking for a no hassle leasing opportunity, Personal Contract Hire is perfect. 

Personal Contract Purchase

With a Personal Contract Purchase you’ll benefit from similar perks as that of a Personal Contract Hire agreement, except there’s even more flexibility at the end of the term. 

As with a traditional leasing arrangement you’ll make a deposit and regular instalments. However, after your final payment, you’ll have the option to purchase the vehicle or commence with a completely new leasing contract.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay the vehicle’s original price – Instead, the depreciation value would have been subtracted from the cost.

Hire Purchase 

With a Hire Purchase contract, you’ll end the agreement with a vehicle in your name. This differs to the usual leasing agreement, whereby you’d simply start a fresh lease.

When arranging your Hire Purchase, you’ll make an initial deposit, followed by monthly instalments between 12 and 60 months. This will include the balance of the vehicle and any interest accumulated.

You won’t own the vehicle until the final payment has been made, but also won’t be tied down to a set mileage. It’s a great option for those without the funds available to purchase a new vehicle outright.  

Hire Purchase with a Balloon 

Your final option is Hire Purchase with a Balloon Payment. In a similar way to traditional Hire Purchase, you’ll make a deposit and pay regular monthly instalments. However, these will likely be smaller as at the end of the agreement you’ll make a final ‘balloon’ payment.

Once all instalments and the final balloon payment have been made, the vehicle then belongs to you.