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Suzuki Leasing & Contract Hire

The Japanese firm of Suzuki are renowned for building cheap, yet innovative vehicles, which have become a huge success not only in Japan, but also around the world. Suzuki were taken over by the Volkswagen group, so combined with innovation, these vehicles are highly reliable and efficient whilst presenting great value for money.

Popular Suzuki models

Suzuki is the proud owner of the smallest and most affordable off-roader in the UK. Despite the low cost, the Suzuki Jimny certainly looks anything but cheap, as a superb choice for motorists desiring a 4x4 but without the high running costs typically associated.

Another Suzuki model following in the low priced trend is the SX4. The Suzuki SX4 attempts to bridge the gap between a hatchback and 4x4, taking the benefits from both and packing them all under one roof. It’s an affordable alternative to the typical 4x4 and as with the Jimny, brings down overall running costs too.

On any Suzuki lease, we can provide various car leasing options such as: business contract hire, personal contract hire, personal contract purchase, lease purchase and finance lease deals.

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