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Subaru is a Japanese company filled with a rich rally racing pedigree, winning the World Rally Championship three times. Famous for using the boxer engine in their 1500cc engines and above, Subaru have been renowned for sticking to the same morals that they used for their rally cars, especially the all-wheel drive. However, Subaru now produce vehicles that offer great reliability and efficiency in everyday life.

Popular Subaru models

The compact SUV market is one of the most fiercely competed, yet Subaru have looked to break in with their Subaru XV. The XV offers excellent practicality and a highly comfortable ride, to help it snuggle up with its many motoring rivals.

The Subaru BRZ has been designed for speed and showcases a 0-60mph is just 7.6 seconds. The BRZ targets motorists who want to gain the most from driving whilst keeping costs to a minimum and because of this affordability and impressive looks, is well worth a consideration.

The Subaru Forrester is another SUV entering the already crowded market, but because of it’s ideal driving capabilities definitely ensures it’s one to think about. The Forrester struggles to have the same stylish appeal as achieved by the Mazda CX-5 or Ford Kuga, but this is certainly made up for in reliability and practicality.

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