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The Mitsubishi Group have been associated with a number of trades over the years, including mining, shipbuilding and telecoms, but it’s the motor trade the brand is more heavily linked with. The group manufacture vehicles for all markets, including 4x4s and small city cars.

Popular Mitsubishi models

The Mitsubishi ASX successfully merges the best of both worlds with the top qualities from a traditional hatchback mixed with the high riding appeal of a 4x4. Motorists and experts alike view the ASX as extremely cost-effective and this 1.6-litre provides excellent fuel economy too. New to 2018, we've got the affordable Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross that merges technology, safety & classy design.

The Mitsubishi Outlander has the feel of a tall estate vehicle, but offers the security of a traditional 4x4, with superb practicality and an excellent 2.2-litre diesel engine. The Outlander enjoys a smart finish but from a price point struggles to make a great impact on its rivals. There is also a hybrid version of the Outlander which offers excellent miles to the gallon with an exceedingly low C02 emission, making this vehicle suitable for green drivers & business users.

For extreme off-roading capabilities, you can’t go wrong with the Mitsubishi Shogun. Not only does the Shogun hold an impressive appeal, but it’s well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and fuel efficiency to rival its competitors. On top of this, from a price perspective, it’s certainly cost-effective.

For a great small city car lease, we've got the excellent Mitsubishi Mirage that's compact, efficient & great value for money.

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