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Infiniti is a manufacturer new to the UK but one you’re likely to hear more about over the coming years. It has been successful stateside since 1989 and is essentially Nissan’s luxury brand, set to rival BMW and Mercedes in the motoring world.

Popular Infiniti models


Infiniti’s Q50 has been designed as an outright replacement for the G saloon and in this regards, offers improvement in every department. The diesel engine ensures the model is both affordable to buy and run with excellent fuel efficiency.

As we’ve already mentioned, Infiniti have an objective to rival the luxury brands of BMW and Mercedes, with the Q70 exemplifying this. The Infiniti Q70 is available as a petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicle and its quality performance is sure to turn heads.

The QX50 has two engine sizes; 3-litre and 3.7-litre. It’s a small SUV that for all intents and purposes is supposed to hold a sporty edge. It’s a comfortable ride and appeals to many through its contrast of coupe and SUV looks.