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The Japanese brand of Honda is notorious for building vehicles to a high engineering standard. All models are competitively priced and the manufacturer has even branched into the hybrid market recently to provide a model that’s fuel economic and looks fantastic.

Popular Honda models

The Honda Civic is often credited for bringing the Japanese brand to the UK, providing a stylish appeal that’s attractive to a younger audience too. The basic model has been refurbished many times over the years to deliver the excellent vehicle currently on the market.

The three-door Honda CR-Z coupe was Honda’s first sporty hybrid, with a look and feel that’s more attractive than the Insight. Ideally, the CR-Z is marketed to motorists who want a sporty car but without the financial burden one of the other brands will bring.

Honda see their Accord model as a competitor against the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series and like most of the Japanese cars, it’s very well built and highly reliable. Packing a 2.2-litre engine the Accord has the power, yet ensures practicality to better its rivals.

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