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Dacia has only been trading in the UK since 2012 and exists as the budget brand of Renault. As such, many of the parts are shared across both manufacturers, with the Dacia offering excellent value for money.

Popular Dacia models

When it comes to finding a cheap car, you can’t look further than Dacia. In the UK, the Sandero is the cheapest passenger vehicle on the market and despite having to pay extra for seeming luxuries such as a radio, this model offers incredible value for money.

Joining the Sandero as the UK’s cheapest passenger car, there’s also the Dacia Logan MCV as the cheapest estate model. This has helped to create and stabilise Dacia’s bargain line-up and provides true value for money across the board. Fuel economy is handy too, at some 40-50mpg.

The Dacia Duster commands a greater price than the Sandero or Logan, in a similar costing bracket to the Ford Fiesta. With many parts taken from the Renault and luxury optional extras, Dacia can afford to keep their vehicles on the lower price point.

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