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Bentley vehicles are notorious for their association with the rich and famous. These luxury performing cars have an extensive history, but since 1998 have been under the control of the Volkswagen group. Thanks to this merge, Bentley has been able to expand its product range and modernise vehicles.

Bentley popular models

Luxury is in abundance with the Bentley Continental GT and despite high running costs, offers a vehicle rivalled by no other. The design pays homage to Bentleys of years gone by and the interior is simply stunning.

For a saloon appeal there’s the Bentley Flying Spur, a larger version of the Continental and boasting excellent performance levels. This 616bhp 12-cylinder engine is all about the power, whilst it remains easy to drive with a luxurious feel.

Bentley’s flagship vehicle, the Bentley Mulsanne, offers cutting edge technology mixed with desirable luxury appeal. The four-door saloon delivers excellent comfort and an unrivalled style.

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